Be extremely attentive to your resume – because this is a precious pass for an interview. The importance of creating a resume is also ideally spoken by the labor market expert Sergey Marchenko:

“Only super professionals, who are in line, can afford a crookedly written resume. If you are an ordinary person, think about why you should be chosen from hundreds of the same ones, if you have not even bothered to bother to write a good resume? ”

What is the perfect resume? In addition to being painstakingly and meticulously composed, it should be informative, clearly structured, written essentially without a single mistake, with a volume of not more than two sheets, and, preferably, originally filed – these are the main tips on how to write a good resume.

At the same time, it is advisable to send, together with the resume, a correctly written cover letter, even if the employer does not require it. This technique will help you stand out from the mass of people like you, by the presence of motivation to work in a particular company.