Search for jobs

Job search should not be limited to one resource. The labor market must be attacked on all fronts:

    On employment sites, be sure to post your resume, regularly update it, so that it rises in issuing to the employer in the first position. Also browse daily job sites and send resumes for every job you like. First of all, respond to hot and fresh vacancies – often, an employee is needed “for yesterday” and the search is carried out in an emergency mode.
    Recruiting agencies can be a useful bridge between you and the employer, as they often serve as a recruiter for companies.
    The Employment Center is a classic job search experience that does not need to be discarded, if only because the labor exchange can help with unemployment benefits and refresher courses.

    Social networks – word of mouth of the century of information technology. Notify all your friends that you are looking for work. The rule of six handshakes has not been canceled.
    Exhibitions, conferences, and seminars of interest to a professional need to continue to be actively visited, to communicate a lot and to say that you are in an active job search.
    Consider offers also from other cities, regions and even countries. Especially if you have a rare profession and the local market is limited. Do not confine yourself to finding work only in your city, sometimes changes must be cardinal.